100 WC: Flame, Ice, Lime, Regularly, Clock

I jumped onto the couch watching the FLAME of the fire slowly melting the ICE blocks I had laid in front of it. I was working on a science experiment for school, looking at what is the most powerful and quickest gas to use to melt ICE blocks. I have to REGULARLY check the CLOCK to see how long it will take for the ICE blocks to melt. When I put the fireplace out I realised that it had turned a LIME green colour, from when I had used the different types of gasses in the same fireplace. “OH, NO”….


The sound echoed through Redwood forest as the blasters fired. I closed my eyes hoping that any imperial troopers wouldn’t see me. I heard the voice of master Yoda in the distance, I must protect him. I rolled out from under the log and ran towards his voice. He was standing next to a tall white door frame with a clear blue centre, that’s when I noticed the hundreds of injured Ewok’s behind him, it was a portal that he had put there. He said it would lead them to a planet where they would be safe from any Imperial soldiers.

Special prompt #2 (18)

100WC: however, she couldn’t believe what she had done:

Sammy pulled the lever down HOWEVER, SHE COULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT SHE HAD DONE. Sammy thought that by pulling the lever down it would get rid of the evil creature for good, but she was wrong. The doors flung open, the creature leaped towards her with its long, ghostly, finger nails reaching out, Sammy jumped behind a beanbag in the classroom and held her breath. It was dead silent. Sammy jumped up onto the ledge to check the window and noticed the curtains covering them. She pulled back the curtains and heard a loud scream, she turned around and the ghostly thing was gone…

100WC: Bridge, Sprinkled, Pink, Daffodil, Huge:

I walked upon the fields of DAFFODILS, they stood tall in the spring sun. I hopped through the HUGE fields with joy, there was field upon field of daffodils, the scenery was so amazing that it looked like I was in a famous movie. The sun SPRINKLED light on to the wet grass that lay on the earth’s surface. I kept walking further on and could start to make out a large sea of bright PINK in the distance which was another field of daffodils but they were PINK.

BTN Clip: Cape Town Water Crisis:

.Cape Town in South Africa has been experiencing an ongoing drought for a couple of years now, but over the past few months it has been getting worse. People are saying that the taps could even run out of water by the 4th of June, and that that day is going to be called ‘day zero’. People in Cape Town have only been allowed 50 litres of water a day and, if you have a family, you also have to share that 50 litress of water with them.

.How long can droughts last for? What is the largest drought / longest drought ever recorded?

.I understand the effects that a drought can have on a town, village or even one person.


All Children Should Play Sport:

Do you want your child to be social and active? Outside team sports are the best solution for this. If you can get your child off screens and outdoors that will definitely help them with their active life.

If your child walks to school, bounces on a trampoline or even kicks a ball around outside it is so good for their health, But what about their social life? If you play a team sport I think that it would be better than playing an individual sport like: Running, Swimming etc. If you played a team sport, you would become more social and would possibly make more friends. It’s not that individual sports are bad it’s just that if you played a team sport, like: Soccer, AFL, Volley Ball, T-Ball, Netball etc. it would help your child become more social and interactive with other children their age. Your child could grow up healthier and independently.

But Team Sports aren’t just for children to play adults can do it to! Since the data of obesity in Australia is mostly coming from adults since they have: credit cards that they can buy food and drinks with and they have a home to sleep and live in, most people think that once they own a house and pay off their mortgage they can just live their life relaxed, but No! More than 60% of Australian adults are obese and nearly 10% of Australian adults are SEVERELY obese. So if you are an adult out there who doesn’t feel comfortable with the way they look then join a gym or play a sport just do something that can make you motivated to be healthier.

Obesity is the fifth highest risk for global deaths. At least 2.8 million adults die each year from being overweight. That is why I think that all children should play sport.

BTN Clip: Disaster Recovery:

After a natural disaster hits a town or city clean water, medical assistance, food and shelter is a necessity. If the news doesn’t report about the natural disaster after a few weeks, it still doesn’t mean that the town is back on its feet. Places like school’s homes and hospitals need to be fixed and rebuilt so it can be really bad when important services can’t get to where they are needed.

Does the government always pay money after a natural disaster has caused destruction on a town or city? How bad does it affect a town or city if their hospital has been destroyed from a natural disaster?

I understand the effects that natural disasters can cause and how long it can take for a town or city to recover.

100 Word Challenge:

The sound of children playing and cars driving surrounded the air as we picked the fruit off the trees, they were prickly and hard, some of the fruits were still green and hadn’t ripened yet. When the fruits were ripe they would turn a fiery reddish orange. The local community would gather together once a year to go and pick the fruit off the trees that grew along the coast of Malaysia. The fruits were sold for lots of money in Malaysia since they take so long to grow but in any other countries they were sold for much more.

BTN Clip: Is Africa splitting in to two?

Deep cracks have started in a valley in Kenya making some scientists think it could be the start of Africa splitting in two. Kenya had experienced heavy rainfall the weeks before, causing a flood. The flood created a crack as long as several kilometers near the town of Mai Mahiu, ripping a major highway open and creating a deep gully that sucks in cars, as well as taking away farmers lands and homes. According to media company Face2Face Africa, the tear in the earth is more than 15m deep and more than 15m wide.

Did the scientists think that this was going to happen eventually? Did the crack appear slowly or all in one?

I understand that the crack could fully separate Africa in to two over 10’s of millions of years.


100WC: but I didn’t understand the instructions

We unpacked the heavy box that had been sitting outside my house for weeks now. I called my parents to come and help me bring it inside the house and help me build whatever this thing was. There was a large sticker spread across every side of the box that read IKEA, I got a pair of scissors and tore open the box, there was a large book of instructions and a set of neatly stacked white blocks. I opened up the Instruction book and started reading. There were so many different languages but I still didn’t understand the pictures.