100 Word Challenge Hard, Beautiful, Brown, Worried, Camera.

The CAMERA clicked loudly as the photographer took the photos of the BEAUTIFUL model with the long, thick dark BROWN hair. It was a hot day and the sun was shining brightly. The suns rays were shining down on the models hair, it was so hot. The bright sun was making it HARD for the photographer to focus, he was WORRIED he wouldn’t get the right shot for his magazine, before the next morning.

The photographer saw out of the corner of his eye a big garden up a hill filled with                                                                                                                                               colourful flowers and trees. “It’s perfect!”, He yelled.

BTN Clip Anh Doh

When Anh was two he and his family escaped Vietnam and made it to Australia. Anh and his family were out at sea for five days and they survived two pirate attacks. After that Anh and his family were picked up by a German ship that rescued him and his family.

How did Anh  and his family survive?                                                                                                                          Why did the German ship rescue Anh and the other people on the boat?                          

I understand why they were trying to escape Vietnam.

Red: Facts                                                                                                                               Blue: Questions                                                                                                                        Green: Understanding


It was 1982 and there were kids playing on their lawn in the boiling sun. It was such a hot day, all the ice-cream shops were full. All the people with air-conditioning were in their houses. Because everyone was using power New Zealand was in total blackout, suddenly when everything was dark, in house number 105 something really small bit my aunts leg and it got infected, badly. Five days later we found out it was a spider that bit her leg i said ” BUT HOW CAN SOMETHING SO TINY do so much damage”. She stayed in hospital for two more weeks.

BTN Clip Australian History

The Dutch explorer Able Tasman stumbled across Tasmania and if he had stuck around we would all probably be speaking Dutch. Captain James Cook claimed a big chunk of Australia for Great Britain in 1770. By the 1850’s there were six different colonies which were like countries. 

Were did Able Tasman go?                                                                                                              Why were there smaller colonies than others?  

I understand why some of the colonies did not want to join with others.

Red: Text                                                                                                                                                   Blue: Questions                                                                                                                            Green: Understanding


100 Word Challenge (…so that is why i am always last…)

Hi my name is Terry, and i work at sea life Melbourne aquarium. Everyone else who works here thinks that i’m pretty weird, and wonders why i leave work so late at night. The truth is that once everyones left i like to go around every part of the aquarium and clean the tanks, feed the animals and i like to just stare at them and think that how grateful i am for animals. When i was younger i used to watch all these animal shows it was so funny looking back at that and seeing where i am now.

100 Word Challenge

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I woke up and got ready for my daily walk, I do a lap around the park like usual. That day someone new moved in across the street she was sort of unusual she always wore black and never showed her face. The next day I went out for my walk and noticed that nobody else was at the park as i was looking for a sign of someone i knocked my head on a tree, once I got up I realised something i never noticed before it was a hand holding a tree it was kind of a piece of, ART!

BTN Clip Australian History

Two men Private Suds and Private Thompson deliberately stole a piece of cloth to get caught. They thought that convicts had better lives than soldiers. Convicts got assigned hours, good pay and when they have done their time they can apply for land grants. But Governor Darling was furious and wanted to make an example of these two and made their punishment HARSH! They were put in chains and made to work on roads. The chains made it impossible to walk or stand properly, five days later Private Suds died.

Why were the chains so heavy?                                                                                                               How did Private Suds get ill?

I understand why their punishment was so bad.

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100 Word challenge However, Yellow, Gingerly, Discovered, Remarkable.

I swam around the edge of the coral and DISCOVERED a REMARKABLE, YELLOW sea star stuck to the edge of the coral. I GINGERLY studied the sea star. I was nervous thinking of the things it could do. HOWEVER it looked like a normal sea star apart from its bright YELLOW colour.

I then took a photo to bring back to the marine scientists to study it. I reached out to touch it it felt hard and rubbery like a normal sea star but it was still so unusual because of its bright YELLOW colour.

BTN The encounter/The first fleet. http://www.myplace.edu.au/teaching_activities/1878_-_before_time/1788/1/the_encounter.htmlhttp://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3934600.htm

The article was about the first fleet arriving in Australia with a ship full of English convicts and what the Aboriginals thought of it.

Captain Cook landed his boat in a place he called Sydney cove in 1788.                               England’s population had exploded and they suffered from poverty and crime and their jails were full.                                                                                                                                        They sent all their convicts to Australia to create a new colony.                                                                The Aboriginal people were angry and annoyed at the “Ghost people”.

Why was England’s population so big?                                                                                             How did the Aborigines people get to Australia and how long have they been here and how did they survive?

The insite i gained is that cows aren’t native to Australia Waruwi was curious because it is  not a native Australian animal such as: Emu, Wallabies, Kangaroos.

Red: Text                                                                                                                                 Blue: Question                                                                                                                         Green: Understanding