BTN Clip Coral Bleaching

Their are three main threats the Great Barrier Reef

1. Cyclones, Cyclones are very windy storms and the reason why it’s effecting the coral is because it is ripping the coral off its feet and washing it away which is taking away more and more homes away from all small marine animals that live in the coral.

2. Crown Formed Sea Stars, Crown Formed Sea Stars are probably the most annoying issue with coral. Every day they munch through the corals body fat. Even though they are native there are more then their used to be. Farmers say it is caused by the fertilizer that gets washed up into the ocean and creates more of them.

3. Coral Bleaching, Coral Bleaching is when the water gets to warm and there is actually tiny algae that live in the coral and that is what gives it its beautiful colour, but if the water gets to warm the algae leaves and the coral dies.

Will the Great Barrier Reef survive?                                                                                                                              What can we do to save the Great Barrier Reef?

I understand how Cyclones, Crown Formed Sea Stars and Coral Bleaching is effecting the Great Barrier Reef.




100 Word Challenge

If everyone was the same it would be pretty boring because everyone would look the same, dress the same, sound the same and like the same stuff. The thing that makes the world friendly and fun is that everyone is different in their personality, in their own way. I have friends and one of them loves collecting things and loves it and some people love being neat and clean, that’s what makes our world different. The world is made up of all different people and cultures, and that is what makes the world so awesome!

100 Word Challenge (Concrete People)

It’s been a week since the murder at the smiths house and the police are still on hot pursuit for the cold hard criminal. He has black hair, wearing all black, brown eyes and was hiding his face. He has been on the run for a month now and today they found him… A car driving next to another caught someones eye when they were driving like a maniac, and someone recognized the number plate and rung the police.

Once they had him on the chase and they caught him he ran out of his car and down a lane. He turned to see a dead end he ran towards the wall hoping he would be able to run through it.Once he touched the wall he turned to stone…