100 Word Challenge

Goal: To include where the character was and what was happening.

Alex was so exited she was invited to the art gallery with her friends. She had never been invited anywhere, and Alex definetly had an eye for art. She was so creative, she would make houses out of tooth picks, farms made with twigs and, she LOVED to paint. So when she was invited to the art gallery, she was so exited!

The doorbell rang, Alex sprinted to the door with happiness. Once they arrived at the art gallery Alex noticed a piece of art that intrigued her. It was a pair of hands holding a hamburger, and it definetly made her feel hungry.


BTN Clip Tasmanian Devils

The Tasmanian Devils are now on the endangered species list. People say that the Tasmanian Devils died out across mainland Australia, about 4 hundred years ago. Tasmania is the only place that you can find them in the wild.

Will they find a cure?

Were did the tumour originally come from?

Has the tumour occoured on other animals?

I now understand why they are breeding Tasmanian Devils.

100 Word Challenge Wide, Orange, Crocodile, Within, Collapsed.

GOAL: My goal is to add lots of detail in my writng.

There was once a very confused couple and they lived on a very isolated area of land. They lived in a very tall and very WIDE house, with a ginger cat, well i would say it’s more ORANGE than ginger. They used to have neighbours but unfortunatly their house COLLAPSED.

WITHIN the next couple of days, the couple decided to go on a holiday to North Australia this couple were pretty dumb to be going up there in these storms! When the couple arrived in North Australia they felt really hot, even though it was raining. They decided to have a swim in the river but without even noticing it was a swamp! They were swimming in CROCODILE infested waters!!!

BTN Clip The Internet

The internet started as a network of only 4 computers that could share information. Other countries started to join the network to, now days there are over 3.2 billion people that use the internet. The guy that made the internet popular is Tim Burners-Lee. In 1989 he created a system that shared information.

What would the world be without the internet?

What was the first piece of information to be shared via the internet?

I understand how we can send something from one destination to another.


100 Word Challenge …I just couldn’t eat something so…

It was Saturday morning at 6:00 and my alarm was beeping rapidly in my ear. “Quick, get ready to go!”, yelled mum. Today Sofia and her family were going on a trip to Japan!

Once her and her family were on the airplane Sofia could hear the loud noise of the jets spinning. When Sofia and her family arrived in Japan she was so exited, wandering the streets of Japan, she saw some amazing sights!

Sofia arrived at a pop up restaurant and ordered some drinks and food. When the waiter arrived she knew she JUST COULDN’T EAT SOMETHING SO alive!


BTN Clip Skin Cancer

The sun sends of an invisible type of radiation called ultraviolet radiation. Even being out in the sun with sunscreen on it can still effect your body. Two out of three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they’re 70.

Will they find a cure for cancer?                                                                                                                                                                         Are all sunscreens safe and effective?

I understand how the sun can effect our body’s.

BTN Clip Reef Threat

.Dredging, dredging is when the ships need deep water to float in so they dredge out a thing called silt to make room for the big ship.                                                                                                                                           .In 2010 a big Chinese ship ran a ground leaking oil and destroying 3k’s of the coral reef.                              Mark and his family have been fishing in a specific area for decades but now the fish aren’t in great condition scientists say it’s from the chemicals in the water that’s getting in from the Queensland floods but others say that isn’t the full story.

Will the mining stop in that area?                                                                                                                                 Will the Great Barrier Reef survive?

I understand how this is happening.

Red: Text.                                                                                                                                                                      Blue: Questions.                                                                                                                                                               Green: Understandings

100 Word Challenge …The slime dripped through…

THE SLIME DRIPPED THROUGH the rusty,metal bars in the cold, chilly room in the basement of the ice-cream factory. As Joe walked past the bars getting his jacked caught on the rust as he walked through the tiny gap inbetween the bars… He could hear the screams and cries at the end of the room, but yet couldn’t see them or were he was going, he then turned around and saw the scariest thing ever!

It was green with three teeth and a horrible smell, his teeth were rotted with food in them.                           As Joe screamed the monster bent down to grab him…