100 Word Challenge …In the flash of lightning i saw…

GOAL: To entertain readers in my writing.

It was the middle of winter and it was raining and hailing, I stepped outside to see how cold it was. IN THE FLASH OF LIGHTNING I SAW a giant face looking down at me. Its big eyes opened up and looked at me. It looked like a monster. It had a cruusty face that changed colour in the rain. I gingerly ran inside looking for my phone to take a photo of it. I looked up and down side to side around the house Ithen grabbed our family ipad. I ran outside but the mysterious face was nowhere to be seen…


Just 15kms from Sydney is dragon territory. The weedy seadragon is native to Australia. Weedy seadragons are classified near threatend from extinction. insted of tagging the seahorses, they take a photo and that photo gets sent to a lab and scientists can tell which ones which, by there pattern.

How are they nearly endangered or endangered?

Who discovered the Weedy seadragon?

I understand why they take photos of them insted of tagging them.