100 Word Challenge (…When all of a sudden…)

It was exactly 2:00 AM when I heard a loud crash down the road. I got out of bed to see what it was, no-one else in the house was awake. I put on my furry slippers and silk dressing gown and gripped the gold, rusty door handle. I bit my bottom lip hoping the creaky door wouldn’t wake up my parents.

As I got closer to the end of the road where the old house that was making the loud crashing noises I heard another loud CRASH even louder then before. I walked up to the old abandoned house and whispered through the key whole “Is anyone there?”, no-one replied but a couple seconds later WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN I felt a hand grab my arm…

100 Word Challenge

I’m Free! My Life of being a merrygo- round horse for children to climg on was over! My name is Max, and i’ve been stuck on that merrygo-round my whole life. Last night when the Zoo closed for the day before they shut the gates me and my friends made a run for it.

We were treated terribly. Everyone thought we weren’t alive, but we actually are! We were never fed, and most of us haven’t been repaird in years. My tail had been snapped off and my ear is broken. I was sick of going round and round in circles allday and listening to that awful music. We saw an opertunity to escape and we took it.

Adaptions Reflection Term 2

Adaptations Reflection

Section 1:

In term 2 Abe and I did a project about the Fennec Fox’s adaptations.

We got some interesting facts but could improve on speaking out aloud.

The facts that I found interesting were:

The fennec fox has large ears, up to 15cm, to dissipate excess body heat and be able to hear animals moving underground. They have tan coloured fur to reflect the sun off its body and to help camouflage itself in its habitat of the Sahara Desert. It has adapted feet to help dig burrows to keep cool and has fur on the bottom of its feet to grip the sand and protect from the heat. The Fennec Fox’s kidneys have adapted to restrict water loss. They are nocturnal animals, which also helps with the heat.


I understand what adaptations are and why animals have them. I understand how black or dark fur absorbs more heat than a light or white coloured fur.


I am still wondering what the Fennec Fox’s predator is?

I think Abe and I worked really well together and achieved a good level of collaboration.

Section 2:

What were the most important things I’ve learnt?

I learnt how animals use their adaptations to hide, survive from predators and sustain life in their environment.

I learnt how adaptations help and animal survive by gathering information from lessons in class, the excursion to Sea Life and reading information from the internet.

Science Inquiry Skills

Does the tan coloured fur keep the Fennec Fox cooler than having black fur? If we conducted an experiment how would we test this? And what would it prove?

I predict that the findings would be that black or a dark colour would absorb more heat than a lighter or white colour.

In our experiment we used a black cup and a white cup with equal amounts of room temperature water and placed it in front a bright light for an hour. The temperature was measured every five minutes and recorded the results.

We found that the black cup stayed hotter than the lighter cup, proving that the darker colours absorb and retain heat compared to the lighter colours.

Personal and social capabilities:

Abe and I worked as an effective team. We shared the roles and had an equal amount of work. Abe worked on the PowerPoint presentation and the science experiment and I worked on the model of the Fennec Fox and diorama of its habitat. We worked well together at school and at home, communicating through snapchat and sharing ideas and thoughts.

By working well as a team I feel we were able to give a good presentation.

We understood what roles we had and the work we had to do. We shared the work equally and worked as partners instead of having a leader.



Our project on the Fennec Fox’s adaptations was very interesting, I learnt a lot of things about the Fennec Fox and how it lives in the Sahara Desert. Working with someone I don’t play with was a really good experience.