100 Word Challenge:

A couple of years ago, in a land not far away…

As Obi-Wan walked through the forests of Endor the engines of the battle ships from up above clunked and squealed as they spun out of control after being hit by the Tie Fighters. Obi-Wan hurried across the tall grass of the mysterious forest but was stopped by an Ewok who had a stick with a sharp rock at the end also known as a spear. Obi-Wan knealed down on one knee and asked if he could be taken to the Galactic Empire Base. The Ewok took a moment to understand what Obi-Wan had said, then the Ewok raised his chin, crawled up on a high rock and suddenly hundreds of eyes appeared, they wern’t monsters eyes they were Ewoks eyes, there were hundreds of them.

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