Letter to Libby

Hello fellow classmates, for those of you that don’t know me my name is Grace I am 12 years old and this is my 2nd year in Libby’s class. I have a lot of interests but I am passionate about the environment and in particular The Great Barrier Reef. Last year I was lucky enough that for my brother’s 15th birthday we went snorkelling in The Great Barrier Reef. We went on the GBR Helicopter (Great Barrier Reef Helicopter) to see the reef from above, we saw the continental shelf which is where the shallow ocean drops off into the open ocean thousands of miles down into the deep. We also went on a semi submarine boat (A glass bottom boat) and saw 2 sea turtles and all different types of coral, “it was amazing!”.

I like learning about the world and the tectonic plates, natural disasters and how the earth causes and creates them. Recently I went to Phillip island with my family and my friend Holly, we went to the Nobbies to see the Fairy Penguins in their natural habitat some of the Penguins live in the wooden huts that the coastal ambassadors made and some of them will be made by kids from our school. While we were in Phillip Island we also went go carting with my Me,Dad,Luca,Holly and Lucas friend James on a miniature replica of the Grand prix track which was so much fun and if you go to Phillip Island I definitely recommend you go there.

I am also starting under 12’s girls soccer at the Royals on Wednesday next week. I love to trampoline at home I spend about half an hour on the the trampoline every afternoon. I LOVE Star Wars I love collecting anything that is Star Wars I have done a star wars marathon that took me 14 hours straight but I loved it! I also love to play Ark Survival Evolved on my brothers Ps4 which is a very rare thing to happen because my brother is always using it!

5 thoughts on “Letter to Libby

  1. Heya Grace! I really love this letter you did! I loved how it was detailed and had events that meant alot to you! One thing you could work on is adding headings to your posts so it’s easier to read and isn’t too confusing.

  2. This is great sounds like you had a really fun time. Are you happy that you got to play the Ps4. I did not know you liked Ark. Keep up the good work

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