100 Word Challege:


The smell of pines wafted through the air as Grandad and Joy hiked up the mountain, their beloved dog, Daisy, followed closely behind. Grandad was equipped with his backpack and Joy with her water bottle and hat. Grandad was always prepared for the unexpected! He would always bring: Plenty of water, a compass, an emergency call signal for help and his trusty bivvy bag. (A plastic, orange sack that you crawl into). Grandad sometimes thinks he’s Bear Grylls.

Fearless Daisy would go on all their hikes. Up and down hills, through valleys and rivers, always faithfully at their side.

BTN Clip: Anzac Day

. Aboriginal people were not allowed to fight for their country (Australia) as they were not considered citizens to Australia. The 25th of April was the Gallipoli landing and was then and still know as Anzac Day. In Aboriginal culture if someone dies they are supposed to be buried in the same place that they were born in. 

. Why did Arthur Walker lie about being married and having children? If he did mention he was married with children what would that change?

. I understand the importance of Anzac Day.

BTN: Clip: Cricket Ball Tampering

. In Australia’s third test match against South Africa, Cameron Bancroft was caught tampering with the ball. He got yellow sandpaper and used it to scuff up the ball and make it ‘reverse swing’. Players are allowed to rub the ball on their pants, or rub saliva on the ball.

. Why was it questioned if the ball was being tampered with after it was CLEARLY ball tampering? Why are they allowing the players who tampered with the ball back on the Australian Cricket Team after 9 months – 1 year?

. I now understand what Cricket Ball Tampering is.

100 Word Challenge: Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress

Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. The ginormous animal was slowly coming towards them, each leap that it  took would create cracks on the earths surface “We’re not gonna make it!” screamed Henry. That month a group of friends had headed into the forest, as the five friends woke up that morning they could see a shadow was cast on the earths face as the astonishing creature howled as the sun rose. As the beast was running towards them, Melissa stayed back and started throwing rocks at the creatures legs but it was too late…..