All Children Should Play Sport:

Do you want your child to be social and active? Outside team sports are the best solution for this. If you can get your child off screens and outdoors that will definitely help them with their active life.

If your child walks to school, bounces on a trampoline or even kicks a ball around outside it is so good for their health, But what about their social life? If you play a team sport I think that it would be better than playing an individual sport like: Running, Swimming etc. If you played a team sport, you would become more social and would possibly make more friends. It’s not that individual sports are bad it’s just that if you played a team sport, like: Soccer, AFL, Volley Ball, T-Ball, Netball etc. it would help your child become more social and interactive with other children their age. Your child could grow up healthier and independently.

But Team Sports aren’t just for children to play adults can do it to! Since the data of obesity in Australia is mostly coming from adults since they have: credit cards that they can buy food and drinks with and they have a home to sleep and live in, most people think that once they own a house and pay off their mortgage they can just live their life relaxed, but No! More than 60% of Australian adults are obese and nearly 10% of Australian adults are SEVERELY obese. So if you are an adult out there who doesn’t feel comfortable with the way they look then join a gym or play a sport just do something that can make you motivated to be healthier.

Obesity is the fifth highest risk for global deaths. At least 2.8 million adults die each year from being overweight. That is why I think that all children should play sport.

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