100WC: But what colour should it be?

I stood there on the hill overlooking a beautiful canyon below. I folded out my easel and sat down on the stool. Taking a deep breath I pulled out my paint brush. The canyon wasn’t particularly colourful, actually it was very lifeless, “I want to add some colour to it , BUT WHAT COLOUR SHOULD IT BE?”. 

The canyon was a deep, red, clay colour like the desert, I added bright purple wild flowers scattered all over the canyon with clusters of yellow and orange spread across the landscape. I stood back and studied my painting, slowly nodding my head up and down. I was happy with what I had created.

3 thoughts on “100WC: But what colour should it be?

  1. Wow Grace.
    I love the vivid description you have used here. You set the scene beautifully and drew the reader in to observe the scene with you.

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