100 Word Challenge:

I was running, my chest pounding, my eyes dry, my throat sore and cold. All I could hear were the scattering of footsteps in the background behind me, and the shouting of police officers. What had I done wrong?Just a minute ago all I was doing was sitting in the cafe drinking my hot-chocolate, all of a sudden the police came in asking for someone called “Janet Fletcher”, they weren’t really asking, more like yelling! I knew at that moment having done nothing wrong that I should just get out. I opened the door and walked out normally. “OI! YOU!”, I turned around, then I ran and I ran and I ran. I hit a small ally on a side street,”I think i’ll be safe here”, I gripped the pole next to me in fear, the winter air swirling around me. What had I done wrong?…


One thought on “100 Word Challenge:

  1. Love your introduction here Grace. You set the scene perfectly and draw the reader in to experience the sense of fear with the writer.
    Do you have ideas for how you could develop this into a longer piece? I’m intrigued to know what the police wanted… what had she done?

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