BTN Clip: What Is Democracy?

The ancient Greeks were the first people to experiment with better ways of leading their people.

Greece came up with something they called democracy, democracy is made up of 2 Greek words, Demos which means People and Kratos which means power or rule, so the word Democracy means rule of the people.

They didn’t let the women, the slaves or anyone poor vote.

.Why didn’t they let women vote?

.Why did the Persians want to have a wars on the Greeks?

.What type of government does Greece have now?

.I understand the different types of democracy.

100 Word Challenge

The trees blew silently and the leaves swirled around in circles as if they were dancing .Flowers blossomed with bright ,vibrant colours. The trees grew as high as the clouds, not knowing the evil that lurked inside them. The horns blew loud as the king of the trees demanded training for his new army to begin in the early morning. They were preparing for war. The King wanted to plant more trees that would become his new kingdom. Although the villagers did not need nor want more land, they were fine the way they were and the land they had.

100 Word Challenge: …We were moving very fast when…

We were moving very fast when suddenly there was a loud clunk that came from the back of the Safari Van. Our heads all turned to the back of the van in desperation to know where the sound had came from. After a couple of seconds everyone went about their business as before. When the van stopped, the tyres pulled to a screech and you could see the smoke rising like a black wave from the back of the van crawling up towards us. Bang! The back tyre blew out, we were stranded by the side of the road in a remote area of the safari park.

Letter to Libby

Hello fellow classmates, for those of you that don’t know me my name is Grace I am 12 years old and this is my 2nd year in Libby’s class. I have a lot of interests but I am passionate about the environment and in particular The Great Barrier Reef. Last year I was lucky enough that for my brother’s 15th birthday we went snorkelling in The Great Barrier Reef. We went on the GBR Helicopter (Great Barrier Reef Helicopter) to see the reef from above, we saw the continental shelf which is where the shallow ocean drops off into the open ocean thousands of miles down into the deep. We also went on a semi submarine boat (A glass bottom boat) and saw 2 sea turtles and all different types of coral, “it was amazing!”.

I like learning about the world and the tectonic plates, natural disasters and how the earth causes and creates them. Recently I went to Phillip island with my family and my friend Holly, we went to the Nobbies to see the Fairy Penguins in their natural habitat some of the Penguins live in the wooden huts that the coastal ambassadors made and some of them will be made by kids from our school. While we were in Phillip Island we also went go carting with my Me,Dad,Luca,Holly and Lucas friend James on a miniature replica of the Grand prix track which was so much fun and if you go to Phillip Island I definitely recommend you go there.

I am also starting under 12’s girls soccer at the Royals on Wednesday next week. I love to trampoline at home I spend about half an hour on the the trampoline every afternoon. I LOVE Star Wars I love collecting anything that is Star Wars I have done a star wars marathon that took me 14 hours straight but I loved it! I also love to play Ark Survival Evolved on my brothers Ps4 which is a very rare thing to happen because my brother is always using it!

BTN Challenge:

Kids from Aberfoyle Park High School are useing a coding language called python on an app called pythonista. The school has 7 registered games in the app store so that people from all around the world can play them. Aberfoyle Park High School is the first school in the country to be registered as a developer under the schools name.

How do you use pythonista?

Are there other coding languages than ‘python’?

I understand how to create a game using coding?




100 Word Challenge:

A couple of years ago, in a land not far away…

As Obi-Wan walked through the forests of Endor the engines of the battle ships from up above clunked and squealed as they spun out of control after being hit by the Tie Fighters. Obi-Wan hurried across the tall grass of the mysterious forest but was stopped by an Ewok who had a stick with a sharp rock at the end also known as a spear. Obi-Wan knealed down on one knee and asked if he could be taken to the Galactic Empire Base. The Ewok took a moment to understand what Obi-Wan had said, then the Ewok raised his chin, crawled up on a high rock and suddenly hundreds of eyes appeared, they wern’t monsters eyes they were Ewoks eyes, there were hundreds of them.

100 Word Challenge Prompt: …but where would we hide it all?…

I was sitting on the couch, home alone,whilst I had a movie on TV. I heard a cluttering noise coming from the garage.  I wrapped my dressing gown around myself and tip toed across the cold, hard and crunchy grass towards the garage to investigate. I quickly opened the garage door. There was my mountain of collectors items tumbling down onto the garage floor! Yikes! I cried.. I loved collecting things but my my Mum and Dad are total neat freaks and had already asked me to clear it out. I really wanted to keep it BUT WHERE WOULD I HIDE IT ALL?

100 Word Challenge

I woke up with a groan begging my mum to not make me go to school that day I was so tired. I rolled out of bed slowly putting my school clothes on. I slammed the door shut behind me, not realising my phone had fallen out of a hole in my left coat pocket. I turned my wrist and checked my watch I only had 5 minutes to get to school. I raised my head and ran, I ran fast just as I was about to run around a sharp corner my head slammed against something hard, metal and cold I jumped back up I had forgotten EVERYTHING suddenly I could see through people, through time, through space…

100 Word Challenge: flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

The FLAME was SWIMMING across the grass as the coupled CELEBRATED their marriage on the other hill beyond the fields of fresh wheat and crops growing from the valley below. I turned around and realised the flames had climbed their way up the hill and we’re heading their way down I turned around in desperation looking at the couple and their guests holding little delecate flutes of WHITE wine.The flame spread quickly I looked across the fields of crops and realised I could warn them and stop this disaster from happening. I bolted down the hill with all my energy flying out of me. By the time I got to the next hill the fire was to close but at least I knew I had tried. But TOMORROW would be another day…

100 Word Challenge…as the door slammed, I knew…

As the door slammed behind me, I knew I was in big trouble. I pulled my school bag out of the boot and stormed off knocking on the door before Mum had a chance to catch up to me. Dad opened the door, I ran into my bedroom put my bag down then locked myself in the bathroom . I sat there for a long time, all I could feel was the cold, wet, tears running down my face and the cold, stone, tiles under my soft feet. By the time I stopped crying I didn’t know how long I was in there for just then I heard a knock on the door…