BTN Clip: Solar System

. The Solar System is a 4,500,000,000 year old formation that travels round the galactic centre at 200,000 km per hour. 

. We have 8 planets that are in our solar system, these 8 planets are split into 4’s, Terrestrial planets, and, Gas giants.

.Mercury does not have an atmosphere nor a moon, it is the smallest and lightest of all planets, a mercury year is shorter than a mercury day.

. How many different solar systems are there? 

. Why did they decide to make Moons Moons and Planets Planets and .etc.?

. I understand that in our solar system we have 8 planets, 1 star, 1 moon, and trillions of asteroids speeding around us.



100 WC: “Because I Said So”

Walking through the hallway boots clunking, Hearts thumping, guns against our backs. “Over There!, Now!” Hands gripped tight on my arms pushing me towards the left corner of the room. We were all told to stand and wait to be led into, ‘The Underground.’. There were myths about the underground for hundreds of years but now that we are all here today we finally realised what it was like to see the underground. “But why must we do this!”, shouted the young boy. “BECAUSE I SAID SO.”, replied the soldier. The floors opened, burning orange light stabs into my eyes. As people dropped through to the underground all I could feel was the burning and pain, then. BLACK .

100 WC: It reminded me of a time when

I sat down on my white leather couch waiting for my favourite TV show to begin. It was a cold, rainy night, the perfect night to watch TV. I could hear the thunder rolling in the distance, pins of lightning shot through the windows. ‘gdgfwduvhvdbhjdsjddbhj’ the TV threw rainbow colours all across the room, then.. BLACK. “NOOOO!” the TV had cut out. I sat there in silence, after 20 minutes with no technology it started to remind me of how in days gone by, people lived with no technology ……I pondered on what they did to entertain themselves in the evenings.

100 Word Challenge:

I was running, my chest pounding, my eyes dry, my throat sore and cold. All I could hear were the scattering of footsteps in the background behind me, and the shouting of police officers. What had I done wrong?Just a minute ago all I was doing was sitting in the cafe drinking my hot-chocolate, all of a sudden the police came in asking for someone called “Janet Fletcher”, they weren’t really asking, more like yelling! I knew at that moment having done nothing wrong that I should just get out. I opened the door and walked out normally. “OI! YOU!”, I turned around, then I ran and I ran and I ran. I hit a small ally on a side street,”I think i’ll be safe here”, I gripped the pole next to me in fear, the winter air swirling around me. What had I done wrong?…


100WC: But what colour should it be?

I stood there on the hill overlooking a beautiful canyon below. I folded out my easel and sat down on the stool. Taking a deep breath I pulled out my paint brush. The canyon wasn’t particularly colourful, actually it was very lifeless, “I want to add some colour to it , BUT WHAT COLOUR SHOULD IT BE?”. 

The canyon was a deep, red, clay colour like the desert, I added bright purple wild flowers scattered all over the canyon with clusters of yellow and orange spread across the landscape. I stood back and studied my painting, slowly nodding my head up and down. I was happy with what I had created.


I looked out my bedroom window to see the sun setting over the RIVER, it shimmered with PINK in the afternoon sunlight. In the morning I woke up to the smell of COOKED bacon and scrambled eggs. I skipped down the STAIRS with the summer sun shooting through the windows onto my face. After breakfast my family and I all headed down to the beach, I love the beach except for the sand of course, and whenever I see a sign saying “WARNING: SHARKS” it always makes me really NERVOUS. I lay down my beach towel, put on my sunglasses and sun-bake.


Until I wake up and, oh no… I’m sun-burned!

100WC: As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face

As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face, I had been excepted into Hogwarts! The school of Witchcraft and Wizardry! I unfolded the rest of the letter it read:

“Welcome, Hogwarts is for all students with curiosity and wonder of a new world. Find yourself a wand, learn spells and curses, be the best Quidditch player Hogwarts has ever seen, but Beware of the Forbidden Forest for you are not welcome, do not get out of your bed till 7:00, for you are to be in your rooms by 10:00, or shall lead to punishment or expulsion.”.

Minerva McGonagall

100WC: Why would I do that?

I bit my bottom lip with frustration, my breath blowing my hair out of my face each time I took a breath. My eyes were locked with my teacher’s, I don’t even think I even  blinked. I walked over to his desk in anger. I threw my arms across the desk and wiped it clean. Pins went flying across the room, papers were thrown, books were torn. I was so angry I could hardly control my rage. WHY WOULD I DO THAT? you might ask. Years of frustration and resentment at how I had been treated is the answer.

100 WC: Flame, Ice, Lime, Regularly, Clock

I jumped onto the couch watching the FLAME of the fire slowly melting the ICE blocks I had laid in front of it. I was working on a science experiment for school, looking at what is the most powerful and quickest gas to use to melt ICE blocks. I have to REGULARLY check the CLOCK to see how long it will take for the ICE blocks to melt. When I put the fireplace out I realised that it had turned a LIME green colour, from when I had used the different types of gasses in the same fireplace. “OH, NO”….


The sound echoed through Redwood forest as the blasters fired. I closed my eyes hoping that any imperial troopers wouldn’t see me. I heard the voice of master Yoda in the distance, I must protect him. I rolled out from under the log and ran towards his voice. He was standing next to a tall white door frame with a clear blue centre, that’s when I noticed the hundreds of injured Ewok’s behind him, it was a portal that he had put there. He said it would lead them to a planet where they would be safe from any Imperial soldiers.

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