100 WC: We seemed to be on the television:

I walked up the white marble stairs being lead into a room, on the door read: STUDIO 2. At first, I had no idea what was going on I just got on the local bus and got off at my usual stop. I then go into what I thought was my office but was then ‘Studio 2’ next thing I know it’s countdown.

“In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” “And welcome back to the Cooper Show where we have televised the whole life of Sam Cooper” Questions being thrown at me left and right “Have you ever realized that you were living in a movie your whole life?” and “How does it feel to know your whole life was fake?”. Then I realized, I WAS ON TV, this whole thing was fake, my whole life was a fake?!

  • Idea from the movie “The Truman Show”.

BTN Clip: Performance Poetry:

When writing ‘Slam Poetry’ you can choose any topic that you’d like to use.

When writing ‘Slam Poetry’ you can use any structure or form and the speed that it is read at.

At only 13 years of age Solli Raphael has become Australia’s youngest Slam poetry champion.

How many different types of poetry are there?

Who are the other young candidates that have become Australia’s youngest poetry champion?

I understand that there are different types of poetry and that there are certain rules to follow when using certain types of poetry.

100 WC:

“Trrrrrrr, Trrrrrrr” The wheels went round and round as I peddled through the park. In the year 1971 there wasn’t a lot to do around here but I just got a new bike for Christmas so I made sure I rode it every day. Although one day, everything changed I got on my bike and I rode and rode like nothing was wrong until I heard the screams, the awful screams, children running past with their lollypops stuck in their mouths, children pulling each other by their pony-tails away from were it was happening, the horrible, terrible thing. I didn’t dare look I just started peddling and that’s where I went wrong, I wasn’t looking were I was going and I smashed straight into a tree at full speed… 20 Years later.

In conclusion: The girl lost her bike when she was younger when she smashed into a tree and then 20 years later the tree grew around the bike.

BTN Clip: Humans In Space:

. April 12, 1961 Yuri Gargarin flew in the Vostok 1, he was the first person to go into outer space, that trip helped change history.

. On July 20th 1969, the Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, Two American men: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first people to land on the Lunar Surface.

. In 1973 the US set up a thing called ‘Sky Lab’ it was the worlds first space station, then in 1981 a space shuttle named Columbia marked the beginning of reusable space craft. 

. Why aren’t the government letting them spend that much money on research and such about space since all of their achievements?

. How will they build on Mars without landing on it?

. I understand that it takes a lot of time, effort and money to research or travel into or around space.


100 WC: Bricks, Gorilla, Yellow, Running, Pretty:

The YELLOW sun shined brightly against the dark oak trees. Pins of sunlight crawled through the open gaps between the fans of leaves, as the wind swirled around the trees, blowing dirt all around the forest of lost memories. A strong blast of wind sweeps the floor clean showing a beautiful mosaic GORILLA imprinted into the floor. The walls go up PRETTY high in this magical place of golden memories, the doors clunk echoing through what now from a distance seems like a palace. RUNNING towards a marble pillar, resting the back of my head against uneven BRICKS, I sit as quietly as I can and wait.

BTN Clip Reflection: Mars Experiment

It takes at least three years to travel to Mars by rocket.

If you wanted to go to Mars you would have to make sure that: you don’t get bored easily, you don’t need lots of privacy and you need to be able to get used to the same packaged food every single day, you also need to make sure that you won’t get home sick easily.

The reason why they are testing certain people to see whether or not they could cope on Mars is so that one day Humans can live on a new planet.

Why have they chosen Mars as the test subject planet?

How do they know if Mars is really that cold?

When are they planning to have the first Mars landing?

I understand that to get to Mars or live on Mars that it would take a lot of effort and the right people for the job.


BTN Clip: Solar System

. The Solar System is a 4,500,000,000 year old formation that travels round the galactic centre at 200,000 km per hour. 

. We have 8 planets that are in our solar system, these 8 planets are split into 4’s, Terrestrial planets, and, Gas giants.

.Mercury does not have an atmosphere nor a moon, it is the smallest and lightest of all planets, a mercury year is shorter than a mercury day.

. How many different solar systems are there? 

. Why did they decide to make Moons Moons and Planets Planets and .etc.?

. I understand that in our solar system we have 8 planets, 1 star, 1 moon, and trillions of asteroids speeding around us.



100 WC: “Because I Said So”

Walking through the hallway boots clunking, Hearts thumping, guns against our backs. “Over There!, Now!” Hands gripped tight on my arms pushing me towards the left corner of the room. We were all told to stand and wait to be led into, ‘The Underground.’. There were myths about the underground for hundreds of years but now that we are all here today we finally realised what it was like to see the underground. “But why must we do this!”, shouted the young boy. “BECAUSE I SAID SO.”, replied the soldier. The floors opened, burning orange light stabs into my eyes. As people dropped through to the underground all I could feel was the burning and pain, then. BLACK .

100 WC: It reminded me of a time when

I sat down on my white leather couch waiting for my favourite TV show to begin. It was a cold, rainy night, the perfect night to watch TV. I could hear the thunder rolling in the distance, pins of lightning shot through the windows. ‘gdgfwduvhvdbhjdsjddbhj’ the TV threw rainbow colours all across the room, then.. BLACK. “NOOOO!” the TV had cut out. I sat there in silence, after 20 minutes with no technology it started to remind me of how in days gone by, people lived with no technology ……I pondered on what they did to entertain themselves in the evenings.

100 Word Challenge:

I was running, my chest pounding, my eyes dry, my throat sore and cold. All I could hear were the scattering of footsteps in the background behind me, and the shouting of police officers. What had I done wrong?Just a minute ago all I was doing was sitting in the cafe drinking my hot-chocolate, all of a sudden the police came in asking for someone called “Janet Fletcher”, they weren’t really asking, more like yelling! I knew at that moment having done nothing wrong that I should just get out. I opened the door and walked out normally. “OI! YOU!”, I turned around, then I ran and I ran and I ran. I hit a small ally on a side street,”I think i’ll be safe here”, I gripped the pole next to me in fear, the winter air swirling around me. What had I done wrong?…