All Children Should Play Sport:

Do you want your child to be social and active? Outside team sports are the best solution for this. If you can get your child off screens and outdoors that will definitely help them with their active life.

If your child walks to school, bounces on a trampoline or even kicks a ball around outside it is so good for their health, But what about their social life? If you play a team sport I think that it would be better than playing an individual sport like: Running, Swimming etc. If you played a team sport, you would become more social and would possibly make more friends. It’s not that individual sports are bad it’s just that if you played a team sport, like: Soccer, AFL, Volley Ball, T-Ball, Netball etc. it would help your child become more social and interactive with other children their age. Your child could grow up healthier and independently.

But Team Sports aren’t just for children to play adults can do it to! Since the data of obesity in Australia is mostly coming from adults since they have: credit cards that they can buy food and drinks with and they have a home to sleep and live in, most people think that once they own a house and pay off their mortgage they can just live their life relaxed, but No! More than 60% of Australian adults are obese and nearly 10% of Australian adults are SEVERELY obese. So if you are an adult out there who doesn’t feel comfortable with the way they look then join a gym or play a sport just do something that can make you motivated to be healthier.

Obesity is the fifth highest risk for global deaths. At least 2.8 million adults die each year from being overweight. That is why I think that all children should play sport.

BTN Clip: Disaster Recovery:

After a natural disaster hits a town or city clean water, medical assistance, food and shelter is a necessity. If the news doesn’t report about the natural disaster after a few weeks, it still doesn’t mean that the town is back on its feet. Places like school’s homes and hospitals need to be fixed and rebuilt so it can be really bad when important services can’t get to where they are needed.

Does the government always pay money after a natural disaster has caused destruction on a town or city? How bad does it affect a town or city if their hospital has been destroyed from a natural disaster?

I understand the effects that natural disasters can cause and how long it can take for a town or city to recover.

100 Word Challenge:

The sound of children playing and cars driving surrounded the air as we picked the fruit off the trees, they were prickly and hard, some of the fruits were still green and hadn’t ripened yet. When the fruits were ripe they would turn a fiery reddish orange. The local community would gather together once a year to go and pick the fruit off the trees that grew along the coast of Malaysia. The fruits were sold for lots of money in Malaysia since they take so long to grow but in any other countries they were sold for much more.

BTN Clip: Is Africa splitting in to two?

Deep cracks have started in a valley in Kenya making some scientists think it could be the start of Africa splitting in two. Kenya had experienced heavy rainfall the weeks before, causing a flood. The flood created a crack as long as several kilometers near the town of Mai Mahiu, ripping a major highway open and creating a deep gully that sucks in cars, as well as taking away farmers lands and homes. According to media company Face2Face Africa, the tear in the earth is more than 15m deep and more than 15m wide.

Did the scientists think that this was going to happen eventually? Did the crack appear slowly or all in one?

I understand that the crack could fully separate Africa in to two over 10’s of millions of years.


100WC: but I didn’t understand the instructions

We unpacked the heavy box that had been sitting outside my house for weeks now. I called my parents to come and help me bring it inside the house and help me build whatever this thing was. There was a large sticker spread across every side of the box that read IKEA, I got a pair of scissors and tore open the box, there was a large book of instructions and a set of neatly stacked white blocks. I opened up the Instruction book and started reading. There were so many different languages but I still didn’t understand the pictures.

Webinar Reflection:

Privacy is about controlling your personal information online. 12% of young people (mostly grade’s 3-6 ’s) have experienced fraud or have accidentally downloaded a virus. Last year in 2017 $90, 928, 622 was lost from scams.

How can you protect your device, app, games?

. Fire Walls

. Settings

. Regularly Backup

. Have Strong Passwords

. Turn off ‘GPS’ on your devices

. Report or block scams

BTN Clip: Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii:

. In Hawaii, the volcano known as the ‘Kilauea volcano’ has erupted and has so far destroyed 26 homes, no people have yet been reported injured or dead. A strong 6.9 magnitude earthquake on the south side of the volcano on Friday, which was the strongest earthquake since 1975. The volcano has been erupting constantly for 35 years now.

. Do scientists think it will never stop erupting? When was the first eruption of the Kilauea volcano?

. I now understand the effects that a volcanic eruption can cause.

100WC: The Lioness of Fire Desert:

The purple night sky shined over the golden surface, my feet becoming more tired every step that I took. I turned my flashlight on to see where I was going. I aimed the flashlight at the floor and there lay the footprints of the rare Fire Lion. I looked around with my flashlight for a while to take in my surroundings. Just then I saw the silhouette of a lion standing on the top of a sand dune. I dropped to the floor nervously, no one had ever spotted a Fire Lion ever before. Just as I got up, it was gone…

100WC: When did it arrive? I said

“When did it arrive?!” I shouted from upstairs, “Just now!” mum yelled “Come take a look at it!”. I hopped down the stairs in a hurry. I was speechless, in her hands was a tiny black Labrador puppy. I leaned over to take a look in there was an entire family of them. Mum explained how they had come from the lost dogs home and that they were found in a deserted laneway. When mum went to the lost dogs home she couldn’t bare to seperate them so she had to take the whole family of puppies.

BTN Clip: Natural Disasters:

. On Saturday, March the 18th Cyclone ‘Marcus’ tore through Darwin. After the Cyclone hit Darwin 23,000 homes were left without electricity. Up to 70 homes are damaged in Bushfires.

. Does the government provide money to the towns that were damaged to help it get back on its feet?

. I understand the damage that natural disasters can cause.